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Why You Should Write Letters Like These

Write letters like these.

They don’t have to become a book.

The people you write to don’t have to be famous.

They don’t have to be friends.

When I started to write these letters, I realized that each person I wrote to was important.

As I wrote to them, I found myself really writing to them…as though they were alive.

In the moment, they really were.




Hello my Nan,

How are you, my lovely? How are Grandad and Gillian? I hope that you are well and happy there. I know that you are, really. If anyone could make it to the sunny side it would be you. You were, you are, my inspiration, and I miss you. I must admit, I don't think about you every day anymore like I did when you first died, but I know you are always there. You're in my blood, my lovely. I'm so proud of you, and I hope that you are proud of me too. If not for the life that I lead then for my beautiful boys. They are a constant wonder to me! Gorgeous things :-D 

Please look after Lee for us. I know he messed up, and I know you won't mention that to him, you'll just love him like you loved us, unconditionally. Please keep him warm and safe. 

With so much love, my lovely Nan, your Sarah xx



My dearest Lee,

I'm not quite as angry as I was, but am still pretty gutted that you chose to hang yourself instead of turning to the people who love you. And over Sam as well.. I'm sure you know she showed her true colours. But Daniel and Sarah miss you so deeply, and Wendy, Tracey G, and Dad and Rebecca and me.. We all loved you so much, and the thought that had you turned to us, any of us, you could have freed yourself from Sam and now you would be 6 months down the road without her, stronger, well and seeing things in a clearer light. 

Lee, I miss you. The world is a much duller place without you in it. I love you, my big 'almost' brother, and will never ever forget you. I hope that Nan is there holding you close and making it all ok for you, as she always did, as she always could :-) I hope that you are feeling the peace you were seeking. 

Merry Christmas, dear heart.

Sarah Dean


Vikrant Sinha

Dear Vikrant,

I'm extremely grateful to you for the trust you placed on me. I was looking forward to a brilliant association with you. Your passing away is a great loss to me; both personally and professionally. I wish and hope that i shine in my career, true to the belief you had in me.

I miss you everyday. I hope your family gets all the support and blessing. Thanks for making me what i am. Improving me as a person and as a professional through your kind words, advice and most importantly faith.

I love you lots ! May your soul rest in peace and happiness. All the things you wanted of your family and dear ones come to pass.


Vinod Shenoy M


Mitch Lucker

Dear Mitch Lucker,
I`m not only speaking for me, but for your friends, fans and family. We not only loved you, but supported you on stage. You will always be our hero, a loving father, and a magnificent friend. Sunday night, one of your fans passed, but we know that you will take great care of him. We will NEVER forget either of you. I`m sorry both of you had to leave us so soon. You will ALWAYS remain in our hearts and in our minds. We will forever love and miss you both. 
R.I.P Mitch Lucker
R.I.P Seth
Lucker Stomp on Forever!!!

Kiersten Big Pond


Abel Bolanos Jr.

Aye, it's Jasmin. 
So, it's been about eight years that you have died. You were 19. There are some videos stating that you haunt their dorms. Ugh, please stop, if you are. It's not funny. 
I miss you. I still have that kitty that you gave me, and the clock. And your love. I think Brittany has a new boyfriend. Maybe if you hadn't gone to that party, and not have had drunk so much and listened to her, you'd still be alive. You were about to finish college. After that you could've gotten married to Brittany, have kids and Jacob Mateo could have some cousins over here. By the way, Jacob Mateo is Marivelle's son. She just had another baby named Callista Ruby. I have a dog now. Please ask God to not have him die soon. I cant have people dying whenever. I miss you, please visit me? Ask God, maybe he'll let you if you're not in Hell. You are a dumb-butt, you know that? WHY would you drink under the age of 21? Why would you even drink? You know I could've died because of you smoking in front of me. I hope you answer me.